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About Blake Primary Care Specialists

Blake Primary Care Specialists is dedicated to providing cost effective, high quality medical care.

Our office combines the expertise of our physicians with fresh ideas of medical residency students to tend to your healthcare needs. At Blake Primary Care Specialists, we are committed to providing you with more. We look forward to the privilege of partnering with you to prevent disease and achieve wellness.

Blake Primary Care Specialists are proud to serve as a teaching facility for new internal medicine physicians in the medical residency program. Our patients receive treatment from residency physicians who work hand-in-hand with our attending physicians to provide excellent care and the attention you deserve.

Our patients appreciate the extra time and attention they get when seeing our resident physicians. They also enjoy knowing they're being cared for by a collaborative team of a resident who has received the latest medical training, and a senior attending physician with years of specialized expertise. We promise to provide compassionate and courteous care, respect for your privacy and up-to-date medical treatments and information. For your convenience, we now offer online appointment scheduling.

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Mon-Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm